Petrified Driftwood Elfin Ring

Known as the “Stone of the Earth”

It is petrified wood, meaning millions of years a tree turned to stone.

Set in thin hammered sterling silver

Petrified Driftwood is renowned as a stone for grounding and stabilizing emotions. Infused with elements of earth and water, Driftwood is a helpful stone in cultivating patience in the tides and changes of life.

Began its life as a conifer tree on land in the area now known as Western Australia. When these trees died, rivers carried them into a shallow, salty epicontinental sea that covered Australia 70 million years ago.

It removes obstacles and moves us to action in our transformative journey. Also known as peanut wood jasper, this stone brings tranquility and feelings of well-being.

Band size is 6

Mined in Western Australia

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