Native Copper Elfin Ring

Rare and nurturing this jewel is sure to be loved.

Native Copper set thin hammered sterling silver. Ring size is 8

Copper is ruled by the planet Venus. It is one of the oldest metals known to humanity and has been held sacred in different cultures, including Native American, Asian, European, South American and Middle Eastern. We are immensely honored to offer this powerful element in jewelry form.

Copper embodies the nurturing aspect of women and their divine feminine energy. It is associated with love & lust and symbolizes charisma, beauty, artistic creativity, affection, kindness, and balance. 

Ntive Copper’s sacred and raw power runs in veins through a semi precious quartz matrix, creating an other worldly stone that brings depth, wealth, and transformation. 

As with all chakra stone rings, one of a kind and handmade.

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