Sunray Belt


Pioneer the great unknown in our new two tone SUNRAY BELT. This buckle is inlayed with a small oval Moonstone.

“Sunray by Bahgsu" engraved on inside. The buckle can be removed easily as well so feel free to interchange the buckle with another belt or simply add on to one of your belts!

Tap into the life giving energy of the sacral chakra, the seat of creative energies. This custom two tone hammered silver and brass sunbeam design captures the radiance and personal power of the solar plexus, the portal of our internal and eternal sunshine. 

This buckle is 2 1/4 wide x 1 3/4  inches long and the smallest size in this collection.  (we are offering 2 buckles sizes--see other listings)

We are no longer offering the Belt option, only the buckle!