Chrysocolla Mystical Properties

May 22, 2014 1 min read

This stone is most generally associated with peace, tranquility, patience, and unconditional love.  Said to offer gentle and soothing qualities, believed to improve intuition, and as a power source of life force energy.   Told to be a stone of great feminine empowerment, assisting to build feminine energies, calm emotions, clearing the subconscious of guilt, fear, and tension, which builds exceptional inner strength.

Gem Silica is a crystal of the Goddess, helpful in dealing with anger and pain associated with rape or abuse of any kind, allowing the necessary inner forgiveness by releasing old resentments that one’s been holding on to or have been resistant to other attempts.

Known to be very useful when one is looking to express emotions which are fire based such as fear, anger, passion, or excitement. Told to promote level headedness, clarity of thought and a calm neutral attitude during times of turbulence. Chrysocolla draws out negative energies of all types, allowing one to accept situations with serenity when things are in constant change or turmoil, invoking inner strength that is beneficial to all types of relationships that have become unstable as well.  Known to rectify imbalance in the thyroid and metabolism as well.