May 31, 2018 2 min read

Free People is a company that embodies the true power and grace in the bohemian woman's lifestyle. From the dreamiest flowing dresses, boots to travel the world in, and jewelry that is both timeless and unique, we have long loved our partnership with Free People.
Our newest mini collection with Free People includes our most beloved original designs, with a few limited edition designs + gem combinations. Explore the new beauties, now on
Lotus Cuff
One of our signature designs, the Lotus Cuff embodies the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The sacred lotus flower is able to bloom even in the deepest muddy depths. From death and darkness can come immense joy and life. We've created a moonstone cuff that radiates with feminine energy and reminds us of the immense changes that come with the power of the moon. As well as a turquoise cuff, which helps to enhance communication, moves negative energy, and raises self-esteem.
Spirit Stone Ring
Our Spirit Stone Ring is a mini take on our classic Spirit Stone Ring. "Follow your Spirit Animal" is etched on the inside of this stunning ring. We've created both a gold ring with Turquoise and silver with Moonstone. Celestial details adorn the outside of the ring, representing the balance between our light and shadow selves. Allow your spirit animal to guide you on your journey of light and dark with ease. 
Spirit Cuff
Spirit animals are here to teach, guide, inspire, and lighten. Carry this magical totem with you as a reminder to "Follow your Spirit Animal", with celestial carvings of solar and lunar magic. Our stunning Labradorite Cuff and Moonstone cuff embody the magic of your spirit guides. Labradorite is a stone of magic and manifesting, and its iridescent blue and green coloring is deeply soothing.