July 01, 2017 4 min read

We are in awe of the beautiful Claire Michelle, who you may know on instagram as Plantifulsoul. She lives on Hawaii, is one with Mother Nature, and her journey has captured our hearts. With her fearless move to this island, her beautiful connection to the earth, and her creative bravery, we loved getting to know her beauty, inside and out. Read our full interview with here below! 



Tell us a little about what inspired your move to Hawaii.


Very long story short, this little island stole a piece of my heart. I came here for the first time with a few friends in February, and experienced such an overwhelmingly strong sense of belonging that I had never encountered before in my entire life. I felt as though I woke up from this trance-like state I had been asleep within, and began to live again. This placed stirred my soul...engulfed everyinch of my skin in chills...and sank her sacred roots into my own. Many surreal synchronicities unfolded, many stories were told, I met strangers here who turned to family in a single night. People I felt as though I had known for ages. I felt as though I was coming home, for the first time. I knew I must return. I flew back to Los Angeles, and in a matter of weeks, gave away nearly everythingI owned, booked a one way ticket to Hawaii, and came here. No plan, no direction. This world has become even more beautiful, ever since. 



What is your favorite stone and why?


Currently, my favorite stone is amethyst. A few months ago, a friend of mine went to India and whilst there, she unearthed a raw amethyst melded into crescent moon cradled in gold. She brought it back with her in the form of a necklace, and I nearly haven't taken it off since. I feel as though ever since this gift, I continue to find myself being drawn to amethyst crystals in all forms, whether that be necklaces, rings, earrings, or simply the precious gems themselves. Amethyst is a protection stone. It grounds in times of inner shifts, and deepens our intuitive nature, as well as heightening spiritual awareness and our interconnection to all life, and this universe itself. 



Sunrises or sunsets?


Sunsets. Golden hour...when cotton candy clouds fill the air and crystalline waves turn to silver flames as the sun melts beneath them. 




If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Madagascar. I sat next to a man on the plane ride over to this island, and as we were suspended mid-air, above an infinite indigo sea, we began to speak to one another. I told him of my connection to this island, Hawaii...and he said, "Well, if you love this space, Madagascar is for you." Apparently it is nearly a living reflection of Hawaii, full of kind, gentle people who live simply, in harmony with this earth. Ever since that conversation, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. 



What's your favorite morning routine?


Wake up. Cuddle the little grey cat who sleeps on my toes every night. (This little creature found himself sitting on my porch one evening...he came in, took up refuge within my studio, and hasn't left since.) I usually spend a few hours or so in stillness, with myself, each morning. Go outside into the grass. Meditate. Soften my thoughts. Breathe. Lay out in the sunlight...soaking in every last drop. Then, come inside and put on my "Sunday" playlist on Spotify (full of soothing, acoustic melodies), and write postcards or package up art prints for a little while. Make breakfast, (which usually consists of papaya +  banana + spinach + blueberry + maca powder + flax seed + cashew milk blended into a smoothie), and hit the road. Drop off prints at the post office...and then escape in nature until nightfall. 



What's your favorite way to stay healthy and fit?


Hiking. Feet to earth, ears filled with lullabies spoken through the lungs of this moonrise kingdom. Swimming. Usually naked, in the ocean. Feeling the water rise and fall beneath me. Reconnecting. Remembering. Eating lots and lots of locally sourced, organic, plantiful (hehe) goodness. Health should not be difficult or forced, it should come fluidly and naturally. We should seek to create a life in which our daily act of LIVING is healthy...not something we "do", for a few hours each day. 



What do you love about your Bahgsu Jewels piece?


How intricate it is. Delicately crafted...fragile, yet powerful. People constantly ask me about this ring...in awe, enraptured. Most have never seen anything like it before in their life. Also, your descriptions of each stone are so raw and unique. They each carry a story within them. You can tangibly feel the love that it was created with, as it wraps itself around your fingertips. Bahgsu is an alchemist of intuitive magic. Coexistence woven through conscious creation. Purely wonderful.