March 08, 2019 1 min read

Just as we as humans need to recharge and renew our energy, crystals too need space, time, and sacred rituals to clear their energy. If your crystals feel like they need a readjustment, find the right cleansing ritual for you. As we enter into Aries season and the spring equinox, this is a beautiful time to infuse your crystals with new life and fire. Here are our favorite ways to cleanse and clear our more sacred stones.


Sunlight - place in a window for 4-6 hours during the morning light to use the power of the sun to cleanse your crystals 

Moonlight - (best under a full moon)

Candlelight/ incense- use palo santo, sage, cedar, and sandalwood to cleanse your space and your crystals

Sound healing- use bells, sounds bowls, om chanting, and rhythmic clapping to cleanse

Soil – buring in the earth for three days to allow any negative energies to soak into the earth

Visualization – visualize a beautiful bright light filling each of your crystals and cleansing them

Other crystals – use citrine, selenite and clear quartz as they do not need cleansing themselves