January 12, 2017 1 min read

Stay wild, Moon Child. πŸŒ• This first full moon of the year brings the power of perspective and change. It is a deeply supportive astrological space, where all the planets are in alignment. This Wolf Moon asks us to step forward into our best and most authentic selves, so that we may attract people and opportunities that are in alignment with our natural state of flow.

Full moons tend to bring heightened emotion and with this full moon in cancer, the sign the moon rules, it’s likely to be unusually emotional. having healthy outlets and expression for emotions is key- as stuffing them can lead to passive-aggressiveness, depression or illness, and overreacting in them can create destruction and chaos in our lives! One of the main signatures of this full moon is the Cardinal Grand Cross that is formed by the moon, the sun and pluto, jupiter and uranus/eris/ceres. A grand cross is made up of oppositions and squares- the aspects known for creating tension but also for creating opportunities for growth. We tend to not grow if we are comfortable and things are easy- if a mother did not start having intense, uncomfortable contractions to push the baby out of the womb the baby would probably stay in there forever! so tense aspects push us out of our comfort zones and force us to grow- and this lunation is definitely an intense, growth producing one!

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