May 08, 2019 1 min read

In the age of speed and urgency, we are choosing to step back into flow and allowance. Our bodies are in a state of fight or flight, increasing our stress hormones and weakening our immune systems. Mindfulness is an every day practice that brings about a sense of inner peace and calm. Being mindful is more about undoing then doing, and we have joined together our favorite mindfulness tools for creating a life that is conscious and purposeful. 


Inhale the good. Exhale the stale. 
Trust the flow of your breath.
Divine Senses
Tap into all 5 senses 
Notice how each moment tastes, smells, feels, sounds, and looks
Let Go
Empty your mind and take a few moments to simply be
Return to the Breath
Allow your breath to bring you back to the present moment
Sacred Listening
Listen not to fix or to judge, but simply to be a witness of another person’s experience 
Be Present
Be aware of your daily actions
Driving, working, walking, texting
Bring the breath into each of these moments
Return to Mother Earth
Walk in nature barefoot
Feel the earth below you 
Self Forgiveness
Forgive yourself for every negative thought or emotion
Attitude of Gratitude
Practice being grateful for everything in your life
From blessings to lessons
Self Love
Be compassionate towards yourself
Be gentle with your journey and celebrate your magic often