October 02, 2016 2 min read

We had the pleasure of meeting the stunning Miki Ash at this years Wanderlust Festival. Her vibrant smile and gentle eyes captivated me as she perused the jewels. After chatting for a bit of time I knew she was someone special. Due to the crazy hecticness of the festival we did not get to connect for very long but after following her on instagram for the last few months I have been inspired by her positive vibes. 

We chatted with her recently and thought we would introduce you as well!

What is your favorite crystal?

I'm drawn to so many different crystals for each of their unique metaphysical healing properties. While I admire all things shiny, I'm continuously attracted to smokey Quartz. There's something about its rich chocolatey color that is very soothing to me... Not to mention it transforms all negative energy into positive energy. I always keep a chunk of it in my purse :)

How has yoga changed your life? Goto pose?
Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. It's taught me patience and understanding. It's taught me how to face my fears and reactions head on, and release them rather than hold onto unnecessary baggage. It's changed my body, in both flexibility and strength. Yoga has shown me that peace and joy are an inside job. 
My go to pose at the moment is single pigeon. I love a juicy hip opener to help bring all of my emotions to the surface so I can let them all go! I find most transformation takes place in those uncomfortable moments. 
Where is your favorite travel destination?
So far my favorite travel destination is either Greece or Thailand! I love the modern and clean design of Greece, not to mention the abundance of good music and seafood. I am also in love with the rich culture of Thailand, and all those noodles. Yum! My next trip is hopefully to Morocco!