August 04, 2020 2 min read

Even in the darkest hours, hold space for the light. Introducing our newest PERSEIDS collection, inspired by this annual cosmic shower where bright and iridescent lights move gracefully across the night sky. Inspired by this heavenly event, our newest collection is a reminder to embrace the natural beauty that surrounds us and a call to breathe in the goodness that we are blessed with. 


May this collection remind you of the light that resides within us all.



As the sky continues to flood with the rainbow flares of the Perseid Meteors, our minds are brought to the magic of new beginnings and breathing in the magic the universe holds for us. Like the indigo sky, Lapis Lazuli is a regal stone that activates objectivity, clarity, self awareness, and enhances dreamwork. This beautiful stone is a power amplifier and teaches us to take charge of our life. So go out there, drink in the night sky, and embrace your limitlessness. 


Known as Healer's Gold, Apache Gold balances energy and grounds the wearer. Able to align all the chakras, Apache Gold improves imbalances with self confidence and gives one the energy they need to pursue their life purpose. As a master healer, this stunning and radiant stone balances male and female energies. Just like the night sky, Apache Gold is reflective and magnetic - reminding us that we are limitless in our healing potential.


Call upon the spirit of the cosmos in this rare and limited edition Shatuckite stone. It’s bright blue hue connects us to our throat chakra, allowing us to speak our truth and channel the spirit within. Mined in a new mining, this stunning stone protects from lower vibrations and aids in healing broken relationships.