Solstice + Full Moon :: and a flash sale to celebrate!

June 21, 2016 1 min read

Both Sun and Moon peak today for Solstice & Full Moon! Rare situation that will happen once in a lifetime. Take advantage of this powerful energy and celebrate! Stay focused on the positive, in the fresh energy of new beginning and on the doors that are opening. Instead of fear, resistance, judgement or negativity... focus on the positive and the potential. What you put your energy and focus on will grow in this fertile time so make sure it is what you want. Allow yourself to be supported by your friends & community and receive with open arms all the positive energy available to you now.

The Solstice is always a good time to honor the Sun and the life giving energy it makes available to us on this planet. Any ceremony honoring the sun or the spirit of fire is appropriate. Release something you are leaving behind. Welcome something in that is new, fertile and rich with possibilities.

Happy Solstice! xx