August 09, 2018 2 min read

Sun Shadow


What does it mean to live in the light? It means basking in the golden glow of warm summer evenings, fox tails playing among your ankles, oak trees swaying softly in the warm yellow glow as the sun falls behind the purple velvet hills. It is a time, a place, a moment, but also a of contentment, joy, and a simple pleasure that only comes from being totally free in both your humanness, and your
divineness. It is simple. It is sweet. It lights you from the inside out.
What does it mean to live in shadow? It means to pull the sheet from your eyes as you cry to the milky white moon, feeling your heart breaking within your chest. It is purple kind of courage, seeing your world shatter, and to be able to reach your hand within the deepest and softest parts of yourself, and touch the wound that shows you how resilient your soul really is. How resilient it has always been. 
Our newest collection Sun Shadows celebrates walking both of these paths....both in the sun, and in the shadow. It reminds us that our greatest light is seen through the kaleidoscope lens of our greatest darkness. It brings us deep compassion, a deep connection with our inner and outer worlds.
We created new pieces with beautiful turquoise, Boulder opal, malachite and so many more from Mother Gaia. And we are excited to introduce our newest runner earrings: the Sacred Eye, Light as a Feather, and Ancient Wave Runner earrings.
We shot our newest collection within the natural rivers and mountains of our beautiful land, and were honored to shoot with the talented Emory Hall. She brought her magic and light that brought our collection to life!