April 28, 2018 1 min read

Chris and Madgi met in 2009. Chris is an amazing artist who has been doing murals, graphics, fonts & logos for brands since he was a teenager, even creating his own clothing brand when he was 19 and ran it successfully for 6 years! But by the time Madgi and Chris met, Chris had transitioned into pro surfing, still creating art, but his focus was on traveling & making movies.

The first few years of Madgi and Chris’ relationship, Chris supported Madgi emotionally & spiritually, but did not take much of interest in Bahgsu. He was the muscle, helping with setting up Madgi’s farmer market booths slowly at first, then, as the company began to grow, the need to grow evolved faster. Madgi asked Chris to help design a few cast pieces, for before that Madgi was only doing one of a kind pieces. Cast pieces mean hand carved out of wax & then cast into metal and makes them easy to reproduce. 

Our first piece was created in 2011 and is the Light as the Feather Cuff.

After the couple collaborated on a few together, they realized how much fun it was and have been doing it every since!

And just like that, Bahgsu Jewels grew and the crowd at markets required two spirits, so boom, Chris and Madgi began selling the jewels together in person at their many events year around!

Now Chris has his full heart and soul in creating original designs for their family business, and one became two.