☾✧ Bahgsu Soiree

Host a bahgsu jewels gathering in your space. The intimate atmosphere of your home provides a sanctuary for delving into the intricate and ancient history of each piece. Create the opportunity to connect with and adorn yourself in stones that have existed for millions of years. Learn about the inner bridge of crystals and chakras. Discover a jewel made for you.

Details ✧☾✧

::: Invite friends & family.

::: Jewelry soiree is typically 3 hours long with additional 45 min set up period and 30 min take down.

::: Incentive for hostess- free sterling silver feather ring for each show & coupon for -10% of group sales total - towards a jewel. 

::: Pieces are gift wrapped in handmade cotton satchel.

::: I can provide tables, cloths, display items and other tools needed to create a sacred space. 

✧☾✧ Please connect to begin conversation.