Chakra Classification for Ammolite

April 28, 2014 1 min read

The Ammolite has an incredible Chakra representation; beginning with the Ammonite shell is a series of chambers with the siphuncle tube (which regulated the balance of water and gas in each section) connecting each of the chambers, the chakra system is actually quite similar.

Spiritual energy flows through the subtle body along channels called ‘nadi’, there are three main nadi in the human body one in the spinal column and two that flow and wrap around it; the chakras are located where the nadis intersect.  As well, with the snake symbolism of Ammonites, this also associates them with the Kundalini energy flow.

The chakra energy flows in a spiral, the Ammonite shell is in the form of a spiral.  Ammolites carry the full seven color spectrum of the chakra system, associated with each of the first seven chakras.

With that said, modern chakra workers associate the Ammolite with the 1st, Base/Root chakra, and believe that is here where the work needs to begin.