Azurite Mystical Properties

May 10, 2014 1 min read

It is said that the Mayans used Azurite to stimulate and inspire the actualization of the mystic self, concentrating on the psychic to facilitate the transfer of information knowledge and wisdom vian thought alone.

I may help assist in bringing forth required information which will help open to both understand and release the damaging energy from within oneself. This energy thus being an antecedent to, catalyst for and cause of many dis-ease, the releasing of which shall reverse or repel the presence of the ailments.

It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily, assisting one to enter the void of the “no mind” state which is required to allow one deep travel within the inner being, while integrating a myriad of visual images which shall be made available on a journey such as this.

As well as enhancing prophecy and divination Azurite may also assist in the control of the energy flow to bring about the exact right amount for any situation.  Azurite enhances creativity, as well as inspiration and intuition.