Chrysoprase Mystical Properties

May 28, 2014 1 min read

Often when one is drawn to the Chrysoprase stone, they already possess all the courage that is needed but have difficulty recognizing and accessing it.  Chrysoprase allows one to tap into this inner courage and strength with the wisdom to use it wisely.

At one time it was believed that Chrysoprase held the sacred flame of the Goddess, it will assists one in recognizing the trinity within oneself. Helping to bring what is currently unconscious, and possibly damaging, into the conscious realm; where it may be assessed and dealt with so it may be let go.

Chrysoprase has  been credited with banishing greed, selfishness, and carelessness.  Told to stir the imagination, Chrysoprase is said to bring about happiness, cheerfulness, action, progress, and adventure. Bringing success to new enterprises by assisting in versatility, adaptability, prudence, and open mindedness.

 Told to have the ability to remove and balance both inferiority and superiority complexes. protect from evil dreams and demons, but also to build courage to see one’s own truth.