Yoga Teacher Janet Stone wears Bahgsu Jewels on the cover of Yoga Journal

October 13, 2015 1 min read

janet stone yoga journal bahgsu jewels

Namaste! We are excited as ever to see the gorgeously radiant yogini Janet Stone wear her Bahgsu Jewels Chrysoprase stone ring and Onyx medicine wheel cuff, on the cover of the latest Yoga Journal! Beautiful! Janet posted this photo on her instagram, along with some words of wisdom about it:

"Bhumisparsa mudra known as .earth witness. or simply .touching the earth. holds much power in my practice. When I get lost in my little (or what I'm sure is a big) dramas and stop to give myself a moment I'll often come into this mudra; touching the earth, the solid that has held every being ever to walk/fly/swim on the earth and is the nourishment for every single breath that each being takes at this moment (seriously, amazing) and hand on the heart, the home of open and close, expansion and contraction that holds both of those in complete harmony, a place we can find our own unique rhythm that we dance to throughout this go 'round hopefully with wild abandon and infinite trust. On the earth and in the heart."

-Janet Stone