Crystals: How to Gift With Deeper Meaning

December 16, 2015 1 min read

Wanderlust wrote a wonderful article on Bahgsu Jewels, interviewing our founder & jewelry designer Madgi Del Moro. She shares her thoughts on crystals, their healing power, ancient power, and explains her inspiration behind designs based on sacred geometry. Here is a piece from the article where Madgi reminds us of the importance of knowing the source of your jewelry, especially when it comes to stones and crystals - make sure they are mined consciously without harming nature and people who work in the mines:

But beyond choosing the right type of crystal or stone for yourself or a friend, it’s important to be mindful of its origin. Bahgsu Jewels is one of many purveyors of crystals, but they’re worth looking into as Madgi is dedicated to using only responsibly mined crystals, carefully choosing who she works with to bring to life jewelry made with crystals and sacred symbols.

This is important step, as “The mining industry as a whole does some pretty terrible acts,” says Madgi, “I choose to work with people who are conscious and who respect the Earth.” She and her husband travel far and wide to source only the purest stones and they are handled with utmost care. So take the time to find the perfect talisman, created and handled with attentiveness from the very start.


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