September 05, 2018 1 min read

Welcome to the Blessing Way...
As we welcome our second little one, the incredible mothers in our community bestowed upon Madgi a Blessing Way. 
This is an ancient tradition honoring the Mother's Journey in the special moment of pregnancy. Where baby showers celebrate the child to be, a Blessing Way honors the mother's journey as she prepares to bring life into the world. 
During this magical ceremony celebrating the Mother's Journey, we honored Mama Earth and all her elements. The ceremony was led by Chris mom, Kathi and held next to the ocean on a beachside patio at sunset.
We were visited by the magical animal totems the Osprey & Shark. As we evoked the energy of the east a large female osprey flew only a few feet above the gathering while holding a young shark in her talons!
Osprey's are symbols of great knowledge, change, and boundaries...all of which are essential in the new stages of motherhood.
Sharks are reminders of trusting your intuition  & primal instinct, perfect for the upcoming birth. We were in awe of these magical creatures, and our hearts felt light knowing that these animal totems were watching over us. 
Our beautiful mother tribe celebrated with crystal circle, healthy potluck, and love from every direction.
Each moment was a sacred reminder of the power of creation, and we are so honored to be surrounded by such dynamic and light beings. 
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