November 03, 2019 7 min read

What does it mean to be a goddess, a mother, a lover? It means to be a divine creator in every way, shape, and form. It is a testament to our great beginning, our great rebirth, and our great death each month, as we go to our alter to worship our inner high priestess. A high priestess is the creator of her own destiny, strong through her softness, and fierce through her vulnerability. She holds the sacred goddess energy deep within her womb, and allows it to flow freely in her family, in the boardroom, in her partnerships, and within the folds of her inner being. 

Our newest mini collection HIGH PRIESTESSis infused with the magic of the goddess; each piece is pulsating with the divine feminine energy, with three never before seen creations to honor your inner priestess. Meet our collection muse KatherineCroston. 


What does is mean to be a priestess in the modern world?
To simply recognize that you are divine, despite your suffering, despite your preconceived ideas, stories about yourself: to keep yourself centered in love. That is what to be a queen, a priestess to me in this world.
We are all such warriors and gods and goddesses. To become anything we just have to acknowledge it. I am not perfect, but I bow to the divinity in me every day. And I ask for guidance to share myself in this world.
How did you begin your journey?
I was pretty depressed in Boston. I arrived in America after having lived 5 years in Europe, “living the dream”. Boston was hard on me, and the perfect medicine to get me started into my own healing. I was introduced by one of my teachers to Buddhism when I was pretty lost and it was the first thing in a long time that truly made sense and touched my soul.
I was smitten. I didn’t know before, but now I did. Yogi Bhajan says, I want to give you an experience, if anyone has an experience : lets say you caught your first wave, or you fell in love, or felt God’s presence... your heart will know. And after that is science. Your heart will always take you to the highest experience of love you had. Thats the mission your heart is concerned of. Your mind will challenge that because mind looks for security.
I went through the darkness and I saw the light in it. I started studying yoga, art, the US has always been a big teacher for me. She gave me everything. I am so honored and humbled by her presence. I lived after in New York where I went deep into the restaurant business, as well as into my artistic and spiritual life.
I moved back to Panama eventually and had a Restaurant. Those were pretty confusing years: my Saturn return. I did my first official yoga teacher training at the same time, which pretty much saved my life. And by the time I was closing my restaurant, finishing a love relationship and being pretty hard broken. I was also starting Yoga as a job and launching an online business with some friends.
We are so resilient! Thats what I mean. We fall, we get up. We need to give ourselves an easier time.
My heart brakes have been catalyst to many of my re-inventions but now I am Enjoying how healthy love can empower even more of our dreams.
So far I have been running Yoga Retreats in Panama for 10 years which is a Retreat Business based in bringing people to journey in Panama’s most beautiful nature and practice yoga, eat nourishing healing foods, get native, plant medicine, hikes, love and laugh, build human friendships. Lots of breakthroughs happen in there.
In an era where we could almost do everything with technology. What is the most humane thing we can do? I believe getting together and being vulnerable will always be the most powerful medicine.
As you know, I am a mom now. Thats my number 1 Job. But I also thrive bringing my projects along so I am working with a Wellness Hemp Based Company that makes the best CBD oil on earth ! And continue teaching yoga, workshops and more almost everywhere I am. Now in California.
How does kundalini play a role in your daily life?
I practice Kundalini every day of my life. Except the few days I skip it because life happens. It awakens me, it reminds me, it centers me, it heals me, it makes me fall in love with myself and the world!.
But now I don’t myself such a hard time if I skip it or not. It lives inside of me, it lives inside of you. Its you.
We practice to remember. Because we have forgotten. In any place that you are hurting is because you have forgotten. And thats what we do. We use this technology of love, to access ourselves. Its addictive to come back to you.
What is the idea behind practicing anything anyways? The idea to practice something is to develop a relationship with it with the idea to one day stop seeing the separation at all. You become it.
Kundalini Yoga is powerful because it shows you : You.
It also makes you feel amazing ! You are so alive and glowy. I mean why wouldn’t anyone practice it? 
Was there a moment of awakening for you?
I dont know. I could call it that and then yes. They all look and feel different but there is one thing in common: the stopping of time and the feeling of oneness: of love.
They have been life changing too.
One of the strongest ones was in the presence of Ram Dass in Hawaii. I had many awakenings in India. And other ones have been every plant medicine I have attended with a particular Shaman. Becoming a mother is an awakening too.
Awakenings can be painful too. It hurts to see we have been living a lie. But we all have to awake, thats our mission.
I have had many live’s inside of one. I am lucky. You are so lucky.
How do you live as a goddess in your relationship?
I keep myself open & in constant healing. I feel like I am learning every day, and thats a good place to be.
I embrace the friendship too. Before I met Neil I realized that I had never put friendship as the main foundation of my romantic relationships.
Even though I had and still have friendship with some of my before partners... those friendships happened after.
I used to idealize people a lot. Relationships, the person who would come and save me. I had a crash, where I simply fell tired and too hurt to look oustide of me.
When I met my partner I wasnt in a rush. I was actually interested in him as a person, who are you?. I wanted to see him before sexualizing him in any way. And sexualization is something we do even with people we are not interested sexually. Sexualization is what we do when we scan people and see what we can get out of them.
And to see someone anew is a decision we need to take every single day, if possible. This is to me what brings relationships to the next level. To a godly like place of presence.
To me a god and a goddess in any relationship is a person who seeks within and finds without a beautiful place to display their inner world:self:love.
Tell us about your magical upcoming yoga retreats
I took a break. When I was pregnant I taught three retreats and on the last one I heard the message.
Take a break. Now is time to work in the inner self. It was a different type of learning. Without doing.
I was asked to cultivate my life force by containing it. Similar to what men do sometimes, withdrawing from ejaculation, to preserve Ojas. I felt that after a year of super intense work: thats how i felt my pregnancy, And I was given permission to restart again: I was a whole different person. I died and was rebirth and my retreats where also going on that same shift.
I am so happy to announce that after almost two years we will have our next women’s shamanic retreat in Panama. With my beautiful goddess friend leah livefree, as well as other sisters down in Panama who will be doing the Cacao Ceremonies and plant medicine journeys.
So stoked because the first thing I came back to work on (after the permission) was with women’s circles and female medicine. Its so transformative, we need to be together. To shift our perceptions and this wound of separateness. Its massive and its happening. It has opened me and transformed my life together with so many other women.
If you feel the call to Caribbean and the Jungle Medicine, come join us !
Favorite mantra of the moment?
I am loving awareness.
Favorite stone and why?
So many. They change all the time.
But I will pick Carnelian. As I am putting up a Women’s Course based on second chakra healing. This stone has been a huge part of revealing to me that:
  1. When I let my inner child out, I am the best teacher.
  2. I am the creator
  3. That my deepest desires are in service to humanity.
A blessing you'd like to share with the world?
Don’t waste your time thinking that there is something wrong with you.
We waste too much time trying to be special.
How about being Real?
This is our time! Shine your own light, your unique medicine is needed.