June 05, 2017 2 min read

We sat down with Chris Del Moro as he shares stories with us about his beloved Aunt Vicki, who, in remembering her bright light, was a huge inspiration for our new GAIAcollection. 

"It is crucial for us to talk about Vicki's service to Mothers, fathers and children globally during her 30 plus years of midwifery. She was a mother of five children. She delivered over 3,500 children across her career. Vicki was committed to providing safe home birth's and education for all levels of families, no matter the time of night, financials or cultural norms". 

What was your favorite memory of Vicki in your childhood? 
Chris - I love the memories of old Mexican adventures we shared as a family. I recall many days enjoying warm waters in the sea of Cortez, with Vicki's light, yet protective eye guiding the children through the beauty of the natural settings. She was a driving force for our family and her goddess energy left us all with a lasting vision of her bright golden aura.

Madgi - my favorite memory is feeling her presence during Marleys birth. She was such a guardian that day, fully grounded and holding the sweetest space. I could feel in my soul that all was in divine flow and we were all completely safe and protected. I will never forget her calming words and graceful touch.

If Vicki was a stone/crystal, which one would she be? 

 Vicki's favorite stone was Amethyst, I like to think of her as a beautiful natural geode basking in the sun, near an emerald hot spring, beaming a protective goddess energy for all the mothers of the world.

How was the experience having Vicki bring your son into the world? 
Vicki was my midwife and helped bring me into the world in 1982, she also helped deliver almost every child in our family, including delivering her own at home! It was such an honor to have her help guide Marley into this world. The perfect full circle birth story to have your own family safely bring you and your son into the light. I strongly believe that her grounded, knowledgable energy helped Madgi bring Marley safely, even against all the great unknowns.

In what ways did Vicki embody the goddess Gaia?

The goddess ring and pendant are my ways of expressing Vicki's light, and I made them with the vision of spreading Vicki's protective energy for expecting mothers and all mothers of the world. Her balance between feminine beauty and powerhouse energy made her a force to be reckon with. She was a larger than life personality and her wealth of knowledge made her an such a valuable part of any community she graced. Her love for this life and the natural world left us all with stories that will last a life time. I pray this collection would have made her proud.


What qualities does Marley have from Vicki? 

He has her strength, her love for life and I pray he inherited her drive to do good on earth.