August 05, 2019 1 min read

Embracing your Inner Lioness

As we enter the mystical realm of Leo Season, it is only fitting that our newest collection is inspired by the powerful lioness that lives within us all. Created and shot by strong creative women, LION HEART is an ode to the fiery nature that unites all women.

Shot in Santa Barbara, LION HEART connects the old and the new, bringing together new jewels like Emperor Jasper, Tiffany Stone, and Cobalt Calcite, never before used by Bahgsu Jewels.

Emperor Jasper is a deeply healing stone that transmutes negative and emotionally draining energies, so that our souls are able to ground into our heart space.

Emperor Jasper has a slow and steady vibration, making it a perfect stone to use in grounding work. As an earth stone, it enables one to become more present in the body and fully conscious of the natural world around. 

Tiffany Stone inspires courage to connect deeply with our roots. It activates and clears the root chakra, allowing for deep connections to our sense of comfort, safety, and belonging. As the life giving feminine,TiffanyStone gives conviction to the healers and nurturers in our lives. 

Cobalt Calciteactivates the heart chakra, bringing the energy of unconditional love and new beginnings. It enhances psychic abilities and opens commination between the emotional and physical bodies. Cobalt Calcite, with it’s rich and vibrant hues, raises your consciousness and opens the mind to higher states of awareness. 


May LION HEART remind you of your fierce feminine roots. Shop the new collection here.