May 10, 2017 2 min read

We are all divine creators in our own unique ways. Some make art, some garden, some teach, some surf, and some make babies. And Motherhood is one of the most sacred forms of creation. Bahgsu Jewels founder and creator Madgi Del Moro welcomed her baby boy Marley into the world last year. She shares with us the magic of the journey that is mother hood.




Did you always know you wanted to be a mother?

 No! Honestly being a mother was never my life's goal. While I feel loving and capable of mothering - I never knew with certainty I would be called to reproduce... until I met my husband Chris! Our love & devotion to each other has inspired me in so many ways.



What are three things Marley has taught you?

 1.) Patience. He is normally very chill ( we got so lucky!) so at the moment he is teaching me to be patient with myself. Patience as Bahgsu becomes lower in priority list, patience as my body bounces back to healthier levels ( post natal depletion is very real!) patience to just learn to embrace being a mom!


 2.) I can indeed exist on very little sleep. I normally like a good 10-12 hours but he likes to nurse every 3 hours! I thought it would be harder to adapt but it's been fairly smooth.


3.) How to be fully present. Oh yes , Marley knows if my attention wains or I get sidetracked and boom, he does something wild like try to crawl on top of the table! 



Motherhood is a creative practice. How is creating jewelry and being a mother similar for you?

 Both require creative ways to get through the day. Marley invites me to explore silly & sweet games and Bahgsu always has an element of surprise waiting around the corner. Both "babies" require dedication & love. I would not have it any other way.


What are three things you hope to inspire in Marley?

1. TRUST . Life is equally beautiful and challenging. Yet there is a divine flow and hopefully he can truly trust himself to be free & confident in the currents.

2. RESPECT. Raising a boy requires attention to the subtle differences between the sexes. I hope to raise a man that loves deeply & respects the women in his life.

3. COURAGE. To listen to his inner voice and have the courage to carve his own path.



What is your wish for mothers everywhere for Mother's Day?

That they take a moment to themselves. That this time is filled with deep breaths, self loving thoughts and a deep appreciation for all the women who have come before them.


If Marley was a stone, what kind would he be?

Crystal Quartz. This stone is the ultimate healer. Purifying all in its auric field. Shining bright cosmic light in spaces where perhaps light has never reached before. Marley has opened my heart in ways that I never imagined. 





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