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Around the globe, there lives a heart beat. It pulses with the same power of the mountain ranges, the gentleness of the running rivers, and the warmth and vitality of the sun. This is the beat of the Turquoise Totem, and it calls to you.



Our newest collection TURQUOISE TOTEM pays homage to this great physical and emotional healing stone that has brought different cultures together through it’s benevolence, wisdom, and strength.


Through cultures of the Old and New Worlds, Turquoise has been worshiped as a stone of divine and captivating powers. Known as the stone of life, cultures from all of the world have believed that it brings prosperity, protection, and good luck to all that posses it.


From the four corners of the world, Turquoise has been used as a talisman of prosperity and protection for thousands of years.


From the Persian Empire, the Shange Dynasty of China, to the Native American Tribes and court of Egypt, turquoise has been found in relics of warriors swords, pharaoh’s masks, and the simplest of house hold antiques.


Native Americans used Turquoise extensively as a deep healer of the mind, body, and soul.


 As one of the oldest stones on mother earth, Turquoise is formed when a chemical reaction between copper, aluminum, and other minerals deposit in water, creating the beautiful vibrantly blue stone that has taken millions of years to come into being.

Like humans, no two Turquoise gemstones are the same. Just as our upbringing, our climate, and our DNA affect our appearance, different minerals affect the appearance of Turquoise.

Copper enhances the blue hue in Turquoise, while a higher presence of aluminum causes a deeper green shade. When zinc is present, Turquoise can take on a yellow-green color, which is very rare and found in only a few places, including Blue Ridge mines in Nevada.

Turquoise is a master healer when it comes to the gemstone world. With it’s high mineral content, it takes on natural healing abilities for physical ailments like fatigue, despair, panic attacks and depression. Turquoise alleviates pollution and reduces acidity in the blood and organs. Beneficial for problems with the eyes, brain, neck, throat, and specifically good for migraines.

Turquoise is a deep healer in the emotional realm, as it provides tranquility, peace, alienates nervousness, tension, and brings a compassionate balance to ones existence. Turquoise helps to balance the spiritual body and align the seven chakras, bringing a deeper sense of belonging and a deep knowing of the genuine self.


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