September 05, 2022 2 min read


Chris & I have spent abundant time traveling solo earlier in life, so it was easy and organic to fall into a rhythm of wanderlust with our sons. We have always had a deep passion for travel, and it is important for us to share this experience with our little ones.

Our first destination after leaving Santa Barbara is Bali. Bahgsu Jewels have been crafted in Bali for over 14 years, and making time for connection with our staff here is one of our highest priorities. Our crew is connected so deeply to our hearts, and we hold the utmost respect for them. Each of our members helps craft our pieces with such devotion and care.

After weeks of working closely with our team, we traveled toNusa Lembongan and Sumba, two magical islands off the south-eastern coast of Bali. Here we aspired to offer our boys the opportunity to experience peaceful, remote culture, and wild nature. We instantly fell in love with Sumba’s raw landscape, small population, and primitive feel. Many of Sumba’s people have never seen or used money, trading livestock is their main way of barter. Every meal was fresh from the earth, and we did not see a stop light on the island. Our cliffside home was completely open-air with no walls, and offered endless views of the clearest, bluest ocean we had ever seen. Sumba held potent yet peaceful energy, and truly felt like a place of deep healing. 

We have just begun our journey, and plan to visit a number of other islands before heading to Australia and New Zealand to spend time with our family located there. Over the next year we hope to expose our young boys to the vast variety of cultures and landscapes across Mother Earth. This exposure also helps us to design jewels that are completely original & unique drawing from the many sights we see & feelings we feel along the way.

Through travel and experience, we are able to reconnect to our true spirits, and plan to share this wanderlust with our boys.