C R Y S T A L  C A R E  I N S T R U C T I O N S

Bahgsu Jewels are created to be worn on a daily basis. Although some are delicate all are strong if worn with awareness.

Crystals channel, amplify and reflect pure cosmic and earth energy as light for they have a denser lattice and capture these slow moving frequencies. Crystals need to be cleaned periodically to purify the lattice. This can be done by leaving your jewels outside on a full moon,blowing smoke over them or splashing with natural water. The water will also keep the sterling silver bright & polished. However care should be taken with the gold jewels for water will fade color. Activate your jewels by setting an intention while holding in your palm.
 G E N E R A L  I N F O

We love our pieces and wear them every day & hope you will love them equally. We will bend over backwards for you to be happy. Good and clear communication is very important and don't hesitate to CONTACT US via our contact page or CALL. However, when on the road sometimes it is not possible for a prompt reply due to lack of internet access.

Pieces can be customized. Please reach out should you desire a custom jewel. Note, no refunds/exchanges/returns are allowed on customs. This includes custom ring sizing.

Most pieces are created by hand, so no two items are identical. The only exception being a few of the cast items. However these are our original designs and will not be found anywhere other than through this site or a Bahgsu Jewels retailer. Our logo is found on the inside of all rings and bracelets to authenticate the originality.

 S H I P P I N G 

All orders are sent in cotton bag, which is considered beautiful gift wrapping. 

Your item is shipped within 3 business days after payment. Allow 4-7 days within USA & 8-16 days outside USA. Unless stated otherwise in the listing.

Please note that buyers are responsible for any/all duties and customs charges that may be incurred. We are not responsible for possible duty and import taxes.  Also, note we are not responsible if the package is lost or delayed during shipment. No compensation will be made for error due to post office. Please CONTACT US via our contact page or CALL before an order is placed for details on insurance. We highly suggest buying insurance!

D A M A G E S   O R   R E T U R N S

We do our very best to make sure that your item arrives safe and sound in your hands. It is safely placed in a cotton jewelry bag placed in a padded shipping box. 

If the love wasn't mutual and you are unsatisfied, you have 3 days to CONTACT US via our contact page or CALL.

Store credit for our online shop will be allocated upon the safe return of the jewels.

We do not offer money back refunds on returns.

Please track all shipments and CONTACT US via our contact page, CALL or email ::  return@bahgsujewels.com before shipping jewels. Return Sshipping cost will not be refunded. 

If you have requested a custom order or purchased a jewel during/or on a sale there will be NO RETURNS, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Shop wisely. ;)

If you would like to become a Bahgsu Jewels stockist please email us :: hello@bahgsujewels.com
R I N G  S I Z E  C H A R T