Our Gaia Collection has an immensely deep meaning for our little Bahgsu Jewels family. The cycle of life is so prevalent in our lives, and we are conscious of honoring the life, death, and rebirth that transpires in our realm.

The word Gaia means earth in Greek, and in ancient mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess of the earth, wife to Uranus and mother of the Titans. Like Gaia, Bahgsu Jewels was born of the earth - our first baby.

After becoming a mother last year to our son Marley, we understood an even more profound yearning, profound knowledge, and unmatched love for the soul we had brought into the world. As with all things in life, the role of life and death became deeply significant when Chris's aunt Vicki Wolfrum, who delivered our baby Marley into the world ( the last baby she was a midwife for) passed away.

The Gaia Collection is a pledge to all of the mothers in this world and the next, especially Vicki, who are fearless in their creativity and effortless authentic beauty. 

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we have deeply enjoyed creating it.

 MUSE : Camille Bohème Piazza


CLOTHES: Chasing Unicorns & Spell

SPACE: Newrybar Merchants & Mother Nature