Andean Opal Kinship Cuff

Dreamy & rare this Andean Opal is the colors of a brilliant turquoise sea. Only found high in the Andes, this stone is truly cosmic connecting the earth to the heavens.

Reminder that we are all connected and our beings interwoven.

This Blue Opal is mystically known as a stone of courage said to improve self-esteem and self-love. Among all opal stone types, this opal is considered the rarest type. It is highly associated with the throat chakra.

Cuff is a symbiosis of classic bahgsu jewels. Feather holding the large stone is from the light as feather cuff. While the middle band of double headed rattler is the same pattern as the rebirth rattlesnake ring.

Composed of sterling silver and brass.

As always one of a kind and handmade.