Bahgsu Petit Tear Turquoise Ring

Thank you for stopping by! This ring is out of stock as all our stone rings are one of a kind. You can browse through our currently available collections of handcrafted rings HERE and see which one calls out to you.


At Bahgsu Jewels, we strive to keep the business conscious and environmentally friendly, prioritizing the ethical sourcing of all materials. All Bahgsu Jewels are hand carved and crafted. 

Our aesthetic is deeply entwined with a respect for wild, natural forces and the products of those processes. Every piece has a narrative that begins with how mother earth formed it, where it was mined, who cut its shape, why it attracted us and finally how it transformed into a Bahgsu jewel.

Ancient cultures across the globe used stones to express their mythologies. Each crystal is embedded with a unique creation myth which might span thousands of years and contain tales of wonder and cosmic power. By connecting with sacred stones we are able to harness the ancient wisdoms of our ancestors.