Cinnamon Stone Ring : Tear

Brilliant & rare this dark peach stone encourages confidence & good fortune.

The gem is hand faceted & is set in hammered 22kt gold vermeil.

In a land of dust a famine, there rises a bright garnet light, the Cinnamon Stones.

Deep in the plains of Somaliland, these deep peach stones are mined by a community called the Dhabi-Hagoog. This nomadic family has been tending this sacred land for generations. Found among ancient cave paintings, the Hessonite Garnet  (or Cinnamon Stone) are hand selected among the hills of Dhabi-Hagoog, a place long held sacred by the local people.

Naturally small and rounded, these stones were deposited by an ancient river, giving each stone the wisdom of both earth and water. Mined by hand, without tools of any kind, each stone is picked with respect for mother nature in an environmentally friendly way.  

Meet our Miners: 

The people of Dhabi-Hagoog are nomadic camel herders and miners living off the land for thousands of years. This year, a famine hit the lands of Samaliland, killing many of these people's precious live-stock. The Cinnamon Stones are vital to the survival of the Dhabi-Hagoog. It is no coincidence that camels represent holding faith in one's life journey. Being able to withstand the harshest terrains on planet earth, camels are a pillar of inner perseverance and divine trust in their path.

Similarly, Hessonite, or Cinnamon Stone, provides support to seek out new challenges, and carries you safely to your destination ensuring good fortune. 

Band size is 5,6,7 or 8 


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