Crystal Necklace

Amazlng crystal wand. Beautiful white cloud rutilations mixed with sparkly light... there is even a bit of raw stone at the top near the sterling bezel which adds so much magic!

This jewel features a brazilian phantom quartz wand stone topped in sterling silver. There are two chains & both are 16 inches of sterling silver. Faceted crystal beads and hand made clasp. 

Crystal quartz is a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and purifies the chakra. This jewel is 100% earth made shaped under the ground in Brazil and is called an phantom quartz for it is the shade of another crystal within.

This crystal hosts a "phantom" crystal inside. formed over eons of time when the matrix stops growing and then restarts thousands of years later. the difference is the new crystal grew within the framework versus a new direction... reminding one that you are always protected, to surrender and to fully trust your inner wisdom

One of a kind and handmade.