Garden Quartz Necklace

Dynamic hues of roses & clouds, this Garden quartz is stunning. 

This jewel features a oval set in hammered 22kt gold vermiel with 16 inches of 14kt gold fill chain. Faceted clear crystal beads & handmade clasp. 

Garden Quartz is the shamanic dream stone. Used by healers for generations, the multifaceted stone is reminiscent of ethereal landscapes, lush gardens, and underwater worlds.

Deeply connected with the Crown Chakra, Garden Quartz aid in spiritual journeys, while being deeply protective from lower vibrations. Assists in emotional healing relating to past life attachment, as well as helping the wearer in seeing auras.

Each stone is unique in coloring and shape, just like a garden.  This stone has much dimension and depth not possible to capture with a photos. I have take a few to show you how the stone is translucent in places.

As always, One of a kind and handmade.

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