Gold Labradorite Kinship Cuff

Rainbow light emanates from this cosmic labradorite cuff.

This beautiful combination of minerals seems to help communicate one’s intentions more clearly to the Universe, by which magic begins to emerge. Synchronicity or “coincidences” abound in one’s favor, things that had once been misplaced will be discovered again, Labradorite helps to ground and integrate one physically in the higher energies, while also offering a deeper understanding of previously unidentified or misunderstood messages from one’s inner being.

Reminder that we are all connected and our beings interwoven.

Cuff is a symbiosis of classic bahgsu jewels. Feathers holding the teardrop Labradorite are from the light as feather cuff. While the middle band of double headed rattler is the same pattern as the rebirth rattlesnake ring.

Cuff is composed brass however the double headed rattler is sterling silver and feathers are 22kt gold vermeil making this jewel three toned.


This piece is one of a kind and handmade.