Hummingbird Opal Ring

Legends say hummingbirds float free of time, and carry our hopes, dreams, and joys with us on the wind.

Stone set in hammered 22kt gold vermiel bezel with sterling silver band . This stone is super flashy!

Hummingbird Opal, a very rare and newly discovered stone, is deeply protective, calling on the energy of the Third Eye and Throat Chakra to bring balance and a sweet reminder of one’s own power. This stunning and vibrant stone helps one to over come thoughts of failure and indecisiveness. 

Hummingbird Opal is imbued with the softness that comes with surrendering in the face of uncertainty, and the ability to reach new goals and inner heights. 

Newly discovered stone, mined ethically  in Java, Indonesia

Band size 7 1/2

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