Lightening Ridge Opal Necklace

Stunning black opal set in hammered sterling silver bezel & chain. Faceted crystal quartz details & Handmade clasp. Length is 16 inches.

Beautiful vibrant indigo tones with rainbow light on solid earth host stone.

Lightening Ridge Opal is prized as a power stone for ritual magic, black opals are known as some of the most ethereal and beautiful gems on earth. Black opal also encourages acceptance to overcome difficult situations, reducing anxiety and depression.

They foster a very strong connection to the Root and Crown Chakras, which can help to align you with your highest self.  

The name Opal is derived from the Latin opalus and the Sanskrit upala, meaning ‘precious stone.’ Enhancing cosmic consciousness and welcoming us into metaphysical world, Opals are a cosmic stone that aid in deep transformations of spirit. 

Mined at the Lightening Ridge mine in NSW Australia.

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