Raw Moonstone Tourmaline Necklace

Raw & rare, this stone is magical. We set her in a claw so you can fully appreciate the raw black tourmaline edge. In fact, we crafted this unique claw setting so you can wear the jewel on either side.  

This jewel features a super flashy raw rainbow moonstone set in hammered 22kt gold vermiel claw setting. Chain is 16 inches of 14kt gold fill chain with faceted crystal detail on connecting points.

This moonstone is such high quality that is translucent & flashy making it feel alive! 

This combo of crystals is perfect guide for the new waters we are flowing through.

The shimmery white/blue Moonstone encourages women to rejoice in their unique feminine experience and in the bonds of sisterhood which unites ladies all over the world.

It sings of new beginnings, wonderful possibilities and heart-centered living.

The Black Tourmaline inclusions promise protection, strength and grounding, so that we successfully handle anything that comes our way. 

Stone hand mined in India.

You will receive the exact necklace in the close up photo. ;)

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