Silver Wings Moonstone Kinship Cuff

Rainbow light emanates from this magical moonstone cuff.

Reminder that we are all connected and our beings interwoven.

Cuff is a symbiosis of classic bahgsu jewels. Feathers holding the large Moonstone tear are from the light as feather cuff. While the middle band of double headed rattler is the same pattern as the rebirth rattlesnake ring.

As the name suggests, Moonstone is strongly connected to moon and to intuition as well. It is also first and foremost a women’s stone, directly associated with the Mother Goddess.  Like the moon, this stone’s reflective schiller reminds one that as the moon waxes and wanes through a natural cycle, as do we.

Cuff is mainly composed of brass however the double headed rattler & feathers are sterling silver.


This piece is one of a kind and handmade.