Solar Thunderbird Shield Necklace

Stunning Thunderbird Shield Necklace with 16 inches of 14kt gold fill or sterling silver chain. Hand made clasp with faceted onyx & turquoise beads. Tear turquoise flushed in center.

As a Native American symbol of creation, the Thunderbird marks the separation between the heavens and the earth. Legend states the Thunderbird dwells in regal solitude in mystic forests, where no man may enter. There, the Thunderbird rules the activity of the skies.  

We created this jewel as an ode to the power of  manifest destiny. As the Thunderbird is a great, ancient symbol of creation please know you too have the ability to manifest your ideal life.

Our Thunderbird cuff has two heads which represent the balance between light and dark. These opposing forces are in us all and the giant solar fan behind the heads embodies the energy of the sun, reminding you to always connect to the light. The light is love, compassion, surrender, beauty, truth....

In the heart of the this majestic thunderbird there is a giant turquoise tear. Turquoise being the stone of the heart chakra and of communication.

Turquoise, the "fallen sky stone" hidden in Mother Earth, has been valued by cultures for its beauty and reputed spiritual and life-giving qualities for over 7000 years. Native Americans believe that the earth is alive and that all things, no matter how small or apparently inanimate, are precious. To the Native Americans, turquoise is life. 

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