Spirit Cuff :: Psilomelane

Cosmic and dark, resembling an active midnight sky.  We think it looks like oil on water with its swirling silver patterns. Very beautiful and very rare.

This crystal is powerful for recognizing patterns and uncovering hidden motivations.

"Follow your spirit animal" inscribed on the inside band of this powerful two toned cuff. We've hand carved solar and lunar symbols to represent the balance of light and dark. Allow your spirit animal to help navigate the depths and shallows , to guide you through the journey of life.

This beauty has a large stone inset in the center with two moonstone rounds flushed on either side. Band is composed of brass and all other details are sterling silver.

Comfortable & strong yet adjustable. Band is 5.5 inches long and 1.7 inches tall. 

As always, one of a kind and hand made.