Yowah Opal Necklace

Flashy indigo & grounding Chocolate earth are sure to impress on this large opal oval.

Set in SET IN a hammered sterling silver bezel & sterling silver CHAIN. FACETED CRYSTAL QUARTZ DETAILS & HANDMADE CLASP. LENGTH IS 16 INCHES.

Rare Yowah opal is a beautiful stone for calming the inner soul. Utilizing both Earth and Fire energies, Yowah Opal can be used to access one’s spiritual guides and animal guides, and may be used in medicine-wheel ceremonies to stabilize energy and promote contact.

Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. Encourages one to release inhibitions and enhances the memory. Known to strengthen the will to live. Linked to the heart, opals stimulate the glands and regulate metabolism.

Mined at the Yowah mine in Queensland, Australia. 

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