April 22, 2016 3 min read

marley del moro

Marley's birth was magical. His journey into the light surprised me in more ways than one. First, he was born 10 days early. At the beginning of our dance, I was in denial, convinced the pain in my belly was induced from overeating cheese at our pizza party which only ended a few hours previously. It was2am when the pain surfaced, so after I crawled back into bed, moaning slightly, I waited for the cramps to pass. I woke Chris up an hour later and told him what I was feeling and sure enough, we convinced ourselves it was just lactose bloating and he felt back asleep. I tried to... but as the pains became more rhythmic and my body seized slightly with every mild contraction I knew our little boy was preparing.

madgi del moro

At sunrise I woke Chris up again and we began timing the contractions. They felt similar to heavy period pain and breathing through them was easy enough. An hour of timing proved we were already in early labor with contractions lasting 1 minute and 5 minutes apart. Time to call the team. Chris's mom Kathi, her sister Vicki—a 30 year midwife and my sister were the goddesses I wanted by my side. Luckily, my sister, who lives across the Pacific Ocean in Australia was sleeping in the bedroom next door. She had arrived only a few days previously and I'm convinced Marley wanted to spent his first 9 days of life with her for she was actually suppose to fly home down under on his actual due date.
madgi and chris del moro
From 7am till 10am I stayed in bed, dozing between contractions and allowing my body to embrace the opening. From almost day 1 of my pregnancy I spent time each day envisioning my baby entering our world. Manifesting a smooth home birth in the water was something I took seriously. From past experience I knew that by mentally "seeing" him swim up to me with the mid day sun gleaming through would allow for higher chance of this dream coming true. So during these hours I introverted deep inside and communicated these wishes to him one last time.... Soon my mind would shut off and my only thought would be to stay focused on the present second and breathe.
madgi del moro baby
Yes, soon enough, I entered the meditative state of the primitive brain. As I transitioned into active labor, my thoughts were fleeting and my body was forced to surrender to the flow of Marley. It was intense, but not painful. Each contraction felt like a wave of energy, washing over my being and submission was the only option. Laboring outside in our front yard with the ocean in the distance and the sun shimmering was amazing! I felt wild, primitive and blessed. Chris was my rock during the waves of contractions and at some point I crawled onto his lap and released the water Marley floated in.
marley baby
After 2 hours or so of active labor I could feel he was close to making his grand entrance. It was time to succumb to the water and birth our boy. Within minutes of feeling the warm womb of our heated tub Marley did exactly what I had envisioned and swam through my legs to my chest. Chris was behind me so when Marley opened his eyes a second later he was able to lock them with my blues and then his dads. Born 12:30pm with the luminous sun shining bright, weighing 7lbs and beyond perfect.
chris del moro and marley baby
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Much love,
Madgi & Chris
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