Earth, Wind & Harmony :: NEW LOOKBOOK!

May 07, 2016 1 min read

Elements are the balance of the natural world, when they are in flow peace is possible. When you're are able to cut through the clutter of life and find harmony within your inner & outer surroundings that is when you can activate your highest form. From this form you become limitless and can embody pure strength and beauty.

This collection is a reminder for the wearer to take time to pay attention to the power of natural elements in your life. In doing so, one can find balance, while also activating your inner strength emotionally and physically. Just as the days vary so does our human experience, we create these wearable totems to help carry these ancient powers through all of the life's ebbs and flows. Find grace in the teachings, extending your roots deeply into daily practice and shine bright in the beauty that surrounds. 

Enjoy the lookbook HERE and explore the new collection - we have 22 brand new original designs, lots of much loved boulder opal jewels, and pieces with new varieties of chrysocolla and turquoise.