Aquamarine Mystical Properties

May 02, 2014 1 min read

Aquamarine emits a compassionate energy, that brings a deep relaxation and a lovely liquidity to one’s body as well as the mind. This stone is said to heighten one’s awareness of truth on all levels of being, illuminating hidden causes of any unpleasant situation so one may learn and master the lessons to move on to the next step.  It accelerates one’s intellectual reasoning process in a gentle manner that works not only in the physical world, but through and about oneself as well.  Aquamarine will emit flexibility and moderation, assisting the judgemental to a more tolerant level.

Aquamarine encourages ones ability to always be prepared, as well as helping those who are overwhelmed with responsibility to bring order to the process they are dealing with.

Aquamarine and it’s youthful essence will renew one’s spirit and offer a deep wellspring of spiritual energy. It’s strongest energies are in the field of opening up one’s psychic abilities. If one is especially sensitive to the thoughts and vibrations of other people, wear aquamarine with smoky quartz.  This combination will ease the sharpness of the incoming impressions with the Aquamarine and the Smoky Quartz will help to ground one in the physical. In this manner of energy one may avoid being overcome by unwanted impressions from others. To this end, this combination is especially helpful when also matched with Moonstone.