Healing Properties of Aquamarine

May 03, 2014 1 min read

Aquamarine it is said to help reduce one’s dependence on drugs, and to help eliminate fluid retention by strengthening the kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid, thus purifying the general body. At one time, long ago, eyeglasses were crafted with aquamarine for the lens as the glass as the stone is soothing to the eyes. Although eyeglasses may no longer be made of this lovely stone, it is an excellent gemstone for improving vision. And in the Eastern portion of the world, it is held in high regard as The Stone of the Seer & Mystic.

It is told that this stone placed on the neck or worn as a short necklace will treat many neck and throat problems one may encounter. When placed on swollen glands or worn around the neck it is known to reduce the swelling as well as fortifying and balancing the glands. Chronic tonsillitis may also be relieved by wearing a necklace of Aquamarine in conjunction with Turquoise, Sodalite, Chalcedony and Blue Topaz. This stone also has a beneficial effect on the thyroid, and metabolic functions.

Aquamarine is said to impart purity to the wearer, as well as coaxing forth the gentle nature personality and nature of the wearer. A symbol of peace, it has also been told to be able to reunite partners in marriage that have separated by allowing them to understand the truth and harmony of their original engagement.