Healing Properties of Chrysoprase

May 29, 2014 1 min read

Noteable healing powers of Chrysoprase include strengthening the eyes, restricting the flow of excessive blood, and relieving the pain of rheumatism. One legend tells us that the medicinal manner to strengthen the eyes could only occur when gazing at Chrysoprase while the moon was passing though Taurus and Cancer.

Chrysoprase is said to speed the healing process of just about any wound, but it should not be placed directly on the body during healing sessions, but instead held over the affected areas.

Often used to treat the male and female reproductive organs. When consciously directed, it is also used to stimulate and increase fertility as well.

Chrysoprase has been gifted with the ability to assist in ailments such as banishing greed, selfishness, carelessness, and irritability, While also offering imagination, happiness, adaptability, versatility, progress, and adventure. As well as protecting one from evil demons and bringing success in all new experiences.

Chrysoprase must be cleansed briefly under running water before each use and then recharged overnight among a host of rock crystals at least every two weeks. Cleanse during a rain shower whenever possible.