November 30, 2017 1 min read

Cosmic Chakras
Our chakras are centers of spiritual power in our bodies - like divine jewels of source energy that deeply affect each aspect of our health and consciousness. From our root to the crown of our head, chakras are the seven dimensions of reality that, when awakened, can open us to our inner most sources of inspiration and personal power.
Our newest Chakra collection pays homage to these sacred energy centers and the stones that heal and activate them. Inspired by each chakra's color and characteristic, the hand picked stones in the Chakra collection pairs with the special vibration of each chakra. 
1st: Root chakra: Tribal power and root support 
Stone: Jasper
2nd: Sacral Chakra: Seat of self 
Stone: Amber
3rd: Solar Plexus:Personal power and self confidence 
Stone: Tiger's Eye
4th: Heart Chakra: Untethered love and power of compassion 
Stone: Rose Quartz
5th: Throat Chakra: Center of truth and self expression + communication 
Stone: Turquoise
6th: Third Eye Chakra: seat of intuition + awareness 
Stone: Amethyst
7th: Crown Chakra: Infinite intelligence 
Stone: Labradorite 
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