August 26, 2021 2 min read

Bahgsu Jewels pieces are born of our dreams, visions, nature walks, sunset surf sessions, and star filled nights. Deeply inspired by our travels around the world, from indigenous Australia, to Machu Pichu, to the costs of California, to remote villages in IndiaMagic of creation blooms with each special event in our lives, from saying good bye, marriages, to new births.Each design is planted in our souls subconscious by divine inspiration, where it blooms on paper, and finally flowers into it's final stage of creation in the shape of brass and stones. Each unique piece speaks to us gently, whispering the name of the stone that is its perfect vibrational match.
Before we send our metal and stone creations into the world, we cleanse and purify them with white California Sage grown in the hills of our backyard. Each piece is born of love, intention, healing, power and unity.
We are honored to have you welcome the creation of our dreams into your homes and into your lives.
Explore the journey of each creation.
Inspired by the powerful life-giving cycle of the Goddess Gaia, our Goddess Ring pays homage to the mothers in our lives who created a womb of safety and light for us to travel into as we entered into this earth. 
As above, so below. Dreamed up in the highest heights of our dreams, our As Above Cuff radiates with animal totem wisdom and reminds us that no dream is ever too big. 
Our Winged Necklace is an ode to the magical creatures who bring our dreams and prayers to the divine. A teardrop clear quartz is nestled in the gold or silver wings of this mystical piece. 
The Lotus Cuff was dreamed up by our inner Nile Queen. It is believed that the lotus represents life and death, as it is able to bloom with such beauty out of the depth and darkness of mirky water. This cuff shines with new life, and each cuff is fit with the stone that is it's vibrational match.
May you bloom. Our award winning Blossom Ringtruly grew from our imagination. Vibrating with the feminine energy of the goddess, this moonstone emulates the cosmic orb and the constellations.
Like the lightening of a dream, or the thunder storms across Australia, our Love like Lightening Cuffradiates with powerful energy. This cuff was inspired by the lighting-like love and devotion Madgi and Chris have for each other, and wish to inspire in others.
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