Goddess Ring :: see more colors

Divine Mother. This ring is the epicenter of our GAIA collection, who is the Mother Goddess of Earth.

This ring was created and dreamed up in our heart and mind, just as our baby was dreamed up in our womb.

Our Goddess Ring is a totem for mothers everywhere, and pays homage to the mother who touched our lives in the most tender and powerful way, Chris's aunt Vicki Wolfrum, who delivered our baby Marley into the world.

This ring, and the GAIA collection ,is all about connecting to earth and feeling its abundance in all forms. 

Beautiful goddess with rainbow moonstone belly. 

We have hand carved the words Mother Knows Best on inside of the hammered band.

VIBRATING WITH THE FEMININE WISDOM AND GODDESS ENERGY OF THE WAXING AND FULL MOON, MOONSTONE HAS A REFLECTIVE, CALMING ENERGY. This stone has been used for thousands of year to help women connect to the cycle of the moon & balance hormones. 

This piece is one of a kind and handmade. Brass or Sterling Silver. Size 6,7,8 or 9. Due to wide band this ring runs a bit small.

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